Advanced Soccer Academy is fast developing into the most specialized football institute for youth development in Lebanon. Our growing reputation is attributed to our professionalism as an organization. We maintain that our players are catered to the highest possible standards, undergoing training which uses state of the art FIFA approved facilities.

All our coaching staff is affiliated to the International Coaching Association and they are continually exposed to professional development with our intentions to continue using the latest methods in coaching and fitness training.


The mission of the Advanced Soccer Academy is to provide the best possible youth soccer education program, with the overall objective being geared towards developing and nurturing able, motivated and talented future players.

Our goals at the academy are to:

  • Provide a creative challenging and professional environment in which young players can develop.
  • Use tried and tested coaching techniques as well as the latest training methods.
  • Develop skilled, confident and creative players.
  • Teach good sportsmanship and make the game fun.
  • Value winning but not more than performance and character.


We have an intricate set up for players of varying ability levels, and we have teams that are specifically tailored to accommodate footballers from the beginner level up through to advanced.

The tier system we have in place also allows for players to steadily progress up through the ranks as their abilities improve, thus providing the athletes with a consistent motivation tool for learning and improving.

We currently have in the region of about 750 players and we cater to both boys and girls with ages ranging from 3 to 25 years old.


At the Advanced Soccer Academy we ‘treat and train the child as a whole’. This allows us to develop players with not only technical and tactical ability, but also with the strong psychological background that grooms the overall character of a well-rounded athlete.

As we continue to strive for excellence we are developing good relationships with professional organizations overseas in England, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway and the United States.